Paws to Play is a unique place in many ways.

( seriously . . . it is)

      Check it out. . .

Paws to Play specializes in small dogs, less than 35 lbs. (love those big guys, but not a good mix). One of our experienced and caring staff is on-site overnights and all weekend (best if boarding dogs like to watch HGTV or Lifetime).  Plus your dog can enjoy a restful and safe overnight stay in our kennel free areas (a comfy couch or pillow beats a wire cage every time).

lola edwards DSC09988 DSC09975 DSC00099

When we sleeps we sleeps good!

Our large colorful play areas have a variety of toys, comfy spots, and play decks by large windows (people walking by, kids on bikes, and fire trucks to bark at are provided free of charge).  The dogs get lots of personal attention from our staff (massages and belly rubs – for the dogs that is – are part of the job description). Having sufficient staff watching over the dogs at all times is so important (as Demi and Pippa always say, “Hey, how did they know it was us?).

tug of war Logan and the mob DSC00098

Our “Small Wonders”, pups less than 10 lbs., have a special play area with cushy floors, lots of pillows, smaller water dishes and toys their size (‘cause we’re special).  However, many of them prefer to be out in the larger play areas where they can act all tough!   And that’s ok too.

Our large outside play area provides hours of playtime with the staff, ball chasing, water sports, tug o’ war, obstacle course fun, kickin’ it in the sun, or whatever the weather permits.  Outside rules include:  50 throw limit for fetch;   no peeing in the pool; take turns on the slide; and no pupscicles if less than 90 degrees.

DSC00022 Schmoo after before grooming After grooming Wow!

 WOW!   What a difference a spa day can make.

Our in-house grooming services are very convenient (drop ‘em off smelly and shaggy and pick ‘em up, tired, clean and rockin’ a new doo).

So, if you’re still not sure Paws to Play is a special place, come on by for a visit, check out our Facebook page or ask any of our customers.  We’d love to add you to our day care, boarding and grooming family.

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